North-Holland truly is a waterside region: ther are numerous ponds, creeks and canals. Not only the many idyllic landscapes, but also the inde-scribable silence of this part of Hol-land will seduce you. It is almost unbelievable that this quiet place is situated at only 15 minutes from the capital city, Amsterdam. Of course, there’s not only silence, but also a nice mix of traditions and culture in the typical cities and villages, with the beautiful farms, windmills and musea. North-Holland is an attrac-tive region, where you can stay near a metropolis but where nature and silence are never far away.

For this holiday, we carefully selected an excellent hotel. It is peacefully located, next to a golf course, in Purmerend.  Near the  hotel, you can take a bus to Amsterdam. But, we can also go by bike to the capital of Holland. Even in such a big city, there are safe cycle paths.

We will certainly not only cycle to Amsterdam, but also to some of the nicest villages in North-Holland: Hoorn and Edam. Edam, situated next to the former ‘Zuiderzee’ (South Sea), is also called the ‘Cheese city’. Another tour brings us to the ‘Zaanse schans’, with the picturesque wind mills, and to Volendam. There is no better example for a hollandic village than Volendam. An interesting experience is the Marken peninsula! This island has perfectly taken care of its cultural heritage. That is why you can admire such beautiful wooden houses.

Tour 1: to Edam and Hoorn (60 km)

The first town you can discover durig this tour is Edam. Edam was a flourishing town in the 16th and 17th century because of its cheese & fish trade and ist shipyard. Edam has a picturesque town center with typical houses and canals which date back from the 17th and 18th century. From Edam you will cycle to Hoorn. Hoorn calls itself “the pearl of the Ijsselmeer”. Hoorn was founded in the 12th century. After the establishment of a devison of the United East-Indian Company (Verenigde Oostindische Companie, abbreviated VOC) in 1602 the town gained international importance. Hoorn is also famous for its well-known sailors such as Willem Cornelisz Schouten and Jakob Le Maire who rounded for the first time Cape Horn in South-America about 400 years ago.

Tour 2: Beemster (47 km)

This tour goes through the polder landscape of the Beemster. The polder with its well preserved 17th century farmhouses, old rectangular street pattern and the old windmills in the village of Middenbeemster has been classified by the UNESCO as world heritage. The church of Middenbeemster is truly worth a visit.

Tour 3: to Volendam and Amsterdam (60 km)

During this tour you can see and do many things. First of all you can visit the town of Volendam. Volendam has several particularities: its customs e.g. the inhabitants of the town speak a dialect (Volendams) and on special occasions typical attire is worn, its wooden houses, its fair, its shops and gastronomy which make the city distinctive of other places in Holland. Further on this tour you will get the opportunity to visit the exciting capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam. A visit to Amsterdam is certainly the highlight of this bike holiday.

Tour 4: to the Zaanse Schans (46 km)

This tour will bring you to one of the loveliest places of Holland: the Zaanse Schans. The Zaanse Schans is a famous open air museum where you are thrown back into the Holland of the 18th and 19th century. Between 1961 and 1974 some old buildings of the region around Zaandam have been transported to the Zaanse Schans. The windmills here have carefully been restored. You can visit the old houses and also a souvenir shop, a cheese farm, a shipyard, a clog workshop, a bakery museum, a clock museum and the only dye windmill in the world.

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  • icoElectric rentalbike possible
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  • icofree
  • icoPurmerend railway station + taxi
  • icoAmsterdam Central station + bus
  • icoAmsterdam-Schiphol Airport + train/bus or taxi


  • Hotel in Purmerend

  • 4 tours 46 - 60 km



This tour is not yet bookable - Our prices and details 2020 will be available from mid December 2019 onwards.


every day


  • double room with private facilities
  • breakfast
  • dinner (NE63BUI)
  • English roadbook + map
  • handy roadbook holder
  • VAT and local tourist taxes
  • booking costs


  • outward and return journey
  • lunch and drinks
  • dinner (NE62BUI)
  • Extra night Purmerend B&B: € 45 / HB: € 70
  • insurances


Supplement half board: € 135 per person

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